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the diary of our quest for baby number 2

Weighing in Thursday 11 December 2008

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A very quick round up starting with the bloody amazing news that I am back to pre-preg weight of 9st 11. This has come as a big surprise as only a few weeks ago I was still way over 10st and finding it hard to shift those extra pounds. However a few of my clothes have started to get that slightly loose feeling, so I guess my walking to and from nursery everyday is having an effect. Also living a distance from the shops helps with avoiding tasty snacks.

Christmas is nearly upon us and as usual we’re doing the last minute thing. Thank god for the internet – most of my shopping is done this way and Christmas is no exception. My daughter is the easiest of all – I could easily spend a fortune on her as she’s at that brilliant age where everything is interesting. We’ve gone for a beautiful wooden oven and wooden cupcake set as her main present and this year we’ll do her first ever stocking 🙂

Our son is more tricky – he’s only 21wks so doesn’t really need or want anything other than the things he already has but obviously we don’t want our dd to feel he’s been left out (or that Santa thinks he’s been naughty!) I’m sure we’ll get a few bits for him even if it’s just some new babygros.

Oh dear, my usually placid, quiet son is squealing and kicking his legs so I’d better go and sort him out with some food.