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the diary of our quest for baby number 2

Back to CD1 Tuesday 16 October 2007

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At least the waiting is over. Period arrived with a vengeance very late last night so I guess today is technically CD2, but what the hey?! Someone over on the Bounty forums mentioned the ‘Sperm meets egg plan’ which sounds like a good, errr, plan – so long as we can maintain the stamina required for all that “trying” ;-p

Fertile dates this time around should be 23rd – 30th Oct (should ov on 29th) and we’re looking for a BFP (big fat positive) pregnancy test on 12th or 13th Nov. Fingers crossed for a successful (and fun!) month ahead.


Wahey! Sunday 30 September 2007

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Boy am I like clockwork! Exactly 14 days from 1st day of period, I’m ovulating. Those 2 little pink lines came up clear as anything today, after days of single line, negative results. And we’ve already taken advantage (and very very nice it was too!) Swim hard little fellas and make us a baby 🙂


Testing, testing Tuesday 25 September 2007

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As expected, only a single line today. Feels exciting to be on this stage though, this month has dragged on and on. I’ve already succumbed to the wretched http://www.bounty.com forums, although I’m only reading them rather than getting involved (yet!).

Have completely given up on basal temperature taking – which is a bit crap isn’t it?! Oh well, hopefully my cycle will stay nice and steady and the testing strips will be enough.

On a completely unrelated topic – what is with the cadbury’s chocolate ad with the gorilla??? Very disturbing if you ask me, it almost puts me off chocolate. Almost.


Time of the month Monday 17 September 2007

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Oh yes, bring it on! Almost exactly to the day as well. I really don’t think I’ve felt quite so delighted about having a period before, but really this feels very exciting. I’m definitely on a 28 day cycle which means I should be able to predict almost to the day my next ovulation date. With a bit of help from the strips (I fear my temperature taking has been a bit lame) we should nail it. And then husband dear can nail me 😉

Shopping later and the intention is to stock up on lots of ‘good things’. Not that we eat particularly bad things generally but I should have lots of leafy greens and steak. Mmm steak.

Roll on the 30th (or thereabouts) 😀


A shortish post about something and nothing Saturday 8 September 2007

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Another night alone so certainly no ‘practising’ going on. I’ve been really tetchy today, could be down to a disturbed nights sleep or early PMT, or both. Hoping for a better night and a calmer day tomorrow. On the plus side, finally met a friends 9 wk old baby boy who is adorable (and was fast asleep) and played with a couple of toddler boys – I need to learn more about cars & vehicles if we have a boy!

The month seems to be dragging along, I just want to get to ovulation time and get this show on the road 🙂 Soooo impatient to get to the exciting bits and allow myself to get reading anything and everything (again). If our plan succeeds we’re hoping to send first scan pics to the grandparents as an early Christmas card – that’s assuming we can keep it quiet that long.

Only one more thing to report, husband dearest is having a user name for this blog so he can put down his thoughts and feelings about the journey too.


Random ramblings Tuesday 4 September 2007

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I think we’ve decided to go for the end of October ‘window’ which would mean (if successful) a due date of around 21st July 08 – it feels a bit weird thinking that far ahead. But, the timing is crucial if we want to maximise the opportunity of conceiving a boy. Boy sperm swim faster than girl sperm but die more quickly, so knowing when ovulation takes place will help with timing.

I’m not using the OT strips again until later this month (really just to determine that my cycle is regular) but I’m continuing with the temperature plotting throughout. Meantime my head is buzzing with all the fun stuff like baby names, birth plans, maternity clothes.

My list of ‘want to do this time’ currently includes:

  • Keep a diary – check!
  • Don’t tell anyone until the 12 week scan (this will be the hardest one)
  • Keep a check on what I eat – last time I put on nearly 4 stone and am still carrying some of it to this day
  • Go to at least one antenatal swimming session
  • Aim for a homebirth (so very nearly managed it last time) possibly in water
  • Make a CD of music to listen to during labour

There will undoubtedly be more as they pop into my head, and undoubtedly some will be no more than items on the list of things we didn’t get around to doing.


Fertile Times Monday 3 September 2007

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Ovulation Calculator – Results
Based on your answers, you are likely to be most fertile from Friday, 31 Aug, 2007 to Wednesday, 5 Sep, 2007. If you were to get pregnant during that time, your due date would be Monday, 26 May, 2008.

Fertile days Resulting due date
Friday, 31 Aug, 2007
Wednesday, 5 Sep, 2007
Monday, 26 May, 2008
Friday, 28 Sep, 2007
Wednesday, 3 Oct, 2007
Monday, 23 Jun, 2008
Friday, 26 Oct, 2007
Wednesday, 31 Oct, 2007
Monday, 21 Jul, 2008
Friday, 23 Nov, 2007
Wednesday, 28 Nov, 2007
Monday, 18 Aug, 2008
Friday, 21 Dec, 2007
Wednesday, 26 Dec, 2007
Monday, 15 Sep, 2008
Friday, 18 Jan, 2008
Wednesday, 23 Jan, 2008
Monday, 13 Oct, 2008
Friday, 15 Feb, 2008
Wednesday, 20 Feb, 2008

From: www.babycentre.co.uk/tools/ovu


You can stick the thermometer…

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… in your mouth. The instructions which come with the basal thermometer didn’t say where to put it to measure temperature, so I assumed it went ‘down there’. Last night something niggled me about that and on googling, discovered that you actually put the thermometer in your mouth. It seems so obvious really. D’oh. And before you ask, yes, it was cleaned between measurements!


Let’s start at the very beginning Sunday 2 September 2007

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So, we’ve decided it’s time to expand our family by one more – a brother or sister for our first born. Corny as it may be, I’ve decided to blog the journey right from the very start. I had meant to keep a diary of my pregnancy with our first but somehow never got around to it – this time, I’m more determined, especially as this is likely to be my last pregnancy (we think 2 kids is enough for us).

Now to the beginnings… First Born is a beautiful 2 year old girl, and being creatures who like a bit of balance, we are going to try and conceive a boy! Obviously we will be delighted with another daughter but we thought we might as well have a go and try to maximise our chances of having a boy.

This month (Sept 07) will be the ‘science experiment’ stage. Yesterday the ovulation testing strips, very early pregnancy testing strips and the digital basal thermometer arrived (thank you www.babymad.com). Husband looks at me oddly. I immerse myself in the instructions and start filling in forms, checking back on the calendar for various dates – if I’m going to do this, I want to do it right. I calculated that I was probably due to ovulate around this date so tried the first OTS at midday – negative.

Temperature was taken and logged first thing this morning. Husband tells me ‘Wow, the things you do for me’.  Later in the day it’s time for the second OTS – two lines appear meaning it’s positive!  My calculations are spot on so far…

And so a month of checking on ovulation and recording my temperature before we start to ‘go for it’ or should that be go for him.