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Still pregnant… Monday 7 July 2008

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38wks tomorrow. Thought things were kicking off yesterday but it turned out to be a false alarm. This morning I had some discomfort in my lower abdomen but nothing regular. I know it’s still early but I’m getting pretty fed up now. My DD arrives back home soon with MIL in tow – thankfully she’ll be gone again tomorrow (MIL that is, not DD!) so I’m kind of hoping that nothing does happen today or tonight – really don’t want her hanging around.  I’m feeling rather down – maybe it’s just hormonal, maybe it’s deeper than that – who knows? I’m trying to feel happy, and I want to meet my son so much, but all I really feel like doing is crying 😦 My poor husband doesn’t know how to cope with me – all mood swings and snappiness.


2 Responses to “Still pregnant…”

  1. shannon Says:

    I hope with your impending joy comes great peace. Trust in your heart that everything you have gone through will indeed be for the best. I know your heart breaks with the thought of your decision. But you know this baby will be the light that changes your life. Your family, you, your hub, your daughter and new son will soon be together…your sadness will never go away, but the joy and happiness will soon over shadow it all. I don’t mean to preach, especially not having gone through what you have Just know that there is someone, at least one, who is wishing you joy, peace, happiness, and not judging you…

  2. timeforanother Says:

    Thank you so much for your heartfelt words Shannon. I have tears in my eyes reading them (in a good way!) I sometimes forget that others read this blog – I very much use it like a diary and don’t hold back on how I’m truly feeling. It’s a real comfort to know that people are interested and don’t call judgement. Thank you again xxx

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