Time for Another

the diary of our quest for baby number 2

Good news but feeling blue Tuesday 15 July 2008

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We accepted a cash offer on the flat yesterday – a bit lower than we really wanted but DH has got the fear about it all and just wants it to go through quickly and painlessly, which a cash sale will almost guarantee. I feel fairly ambivalent about it – wishing I had the energy to play a bit more hardball with it. The offer did come a lot quicker than we imagined, it’s not been on the market a week yet! Still, she’s got herself a beautiful flat for a bargain price, and we get to clear our debts and find a rented house to move into for phase 2 of family life.

Talking of which, still nothing going on with Wriggler. I’m starting to believe I’m going to be pregnant forever, or at least he’ll hold on til the last possible minute (which is 3 wks today). Getting really fed up now – my back is really playing up which makes moving around incredibly painful and awkward – more so than normal. My hands and feet are constantly swollen and tight; sleeping is a nightmare, what with needing to pee every few minutes, raging heartburn and of course, the incredibly annoying tummy pains which seem exciting then just fade to nothing… It doesn’t help matters that a lot of my Due in July Bounty buddies are dropping babies left, right and centre. I feel ready to meet my little boy now (and if he stays much longer, my skin is going to literally come apart)

So the blues are here today. I should be feeling happy about the sale but can’t muster any real enthusiasm – there is a pile of paperwork to complete and numerous phone calls to make which I just can’t face. Baby is sitting tight and I really want to focus on him and get on with labouring, but I seem to be stuck between the two things and neither is going to move along without some input from me. Poor old DH is trying to get a ton of work sorted in case he gets ‘the call’ from me so he is less inclined to do house sale stuff and it seems unfair of me to ask him to quite frankly – I’m just sitting around at home waiting (and looking after our dd). Today, I will drop into the managing agents office and try to get some answers from them about house stuff, fetch dd from nursery, eat lunch with dd, then whilst she naps, I’ll order some shopping online.

And try to feel cheerful!


Of false alarms and high hopes Friday 11 July 2008

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Wednesday morning started at 4.30am with low down abdominal cramps which were reasonably mild but definitely there – they continued all day until about 8pm when we ate dinner, then nothing, nada. I had an appointment with my midwife in the afternoon but she didn’t want to do an internal check so I don’t know if i was experiencing early labour or practice contractions. It would have been good to know if my cervix is effaced or even dilating, but there you go, I guess I have to assume it was a practice run. Since then, nothing much has been happening – a few odd cramps but nothing to write home about. Wriggler is further down and apparently fully engaged which means needing to pee every few minutes. Today I thought I felt a trickling sensation, but again, it’s probably just wishful thinking. Last time my waters were broken during labour so I don’t quite know what to expect. Some report the full on gush, others have a slow trickle over several days… or I could just have rubbish bladder control lol!

We’re still undecided on a name for this one, despite my best efforts to get DH to agree on the name me and DD are keen on. I hope he looks like a xxx when he finally arrives otherwise things could get tricky. We have absolutely everything we need for the labour, birth and first 4-6 months 🙂 just awaiting his grand entrance now…

Other news just in: we appointed a solicitor and an estate agent earlier this week and had our very first viewing this morning. After a mad half an hour dash around the flat to shove stuff in cupboards and tidy up as much as possible, we virtually ran to the nearest cafe to leave the agent to it. Thankfully we’ve been keeping everything pretty up together so it wasn’t looking too awful. About an hour ago, we got a call to say they want a 2nd viewing on Monday afternoon!! Bloody marvellous! Just hope they don’t put in a ridiculous offer – it’s already on for quite a bit less than we really wanted. Also hoping they have a mortgage or finances in place as that seems to be the big issue currently – people wanting to buy but just can’t get the mortgage sorted… time will tell I guess.  Meantime, DH will be busy (again) finishing off the bits of DIY that need attending to. Sods law I’ll go into labour and we’ll have to put it on hold – talk about crazy timing with it all. Oh well. I really hope they like the place enough to put an offer in – it would be such a relief to have a sale under way. 

Hmmm, more tightenings in my lower tum, come on Wriggler, it’s time for us to meet you little one xxx


Still pregnant… Monday 7 July 2008

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38wks tomorrow. Thought things were kicking off yesterday but it turned out to be a false alarm. This morning I had some discomfort in my lower abdomen but nothing regular. I know it’s still early but I’m getting pretty fed up now. My DD arrives back home soon with MIL in tow – thankfully she’ll be gone again tomorrow (MIL that is, not DD!) so I’m kind of hoping that nothing does happen today or tonight – really don’t want her hanging around.  I’m feeling rather down – maybe it’s just hormonal, maybe it’s deeper than that – who knows? I’m trying to feel happy, and I want to meet my son so much, but all I really feel like doing is crying 😦 My poor husband doesn’t know how to cope with me – all mood swings and snappiness.