Time for Another

the diary of our quest for baby number 2

Quietly positive this month Wednesday 24 October 2007

Filed under: calm,keeping quiet,sperm meets egg plan — timeforanother @ 2:59 pm

Of course I can say that now because I’m not on the dreaded 2ww, imagining every tiny ache, pain, feeling, taste is a symptom of pregnancy. Anyway, we hit day one of the ‘sperm meets egg’ plan yesterday and rather enjoyed ourselves IYKWIM! I’m trying hard to keep a sense of calm about the plans this month, and thankfully a full workload is keeping me occupied and not allowing much time for obsessing over it all.

I’m awarding myself a big pat on the back for managing to keep schtum with even my bestest pals (despite having my tongue loosened with rather too much wine). I suppose the real test will be keeping it quiet when I get my positive pregnancy test.


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