Time for Another

the diary of our quest for baby number 2

Impatience Monday 8 October 2007

Filed under: dpo,negative,period,testing,ultra early test — timeforanother @ 10:53 am

I’m at 8 dpo (days passed ovulation) and on track for either my period or a postive pregnancy test on 14th October. Already I’ve tested for pregnancy using one of the Ultra Early tests and it came up negative which I was expecting but having the tests around is just too tempting. Every little ache or twinge is, in my head, a sign of early pregnancy or of being due on and I’m sooooo impatient at having to wait another week before we know either way.

Having said that, today I feel quite queasy, which was what gave it away last time, so maybe, just maybe something’s going on in there?! Thank heavens for the ladies on the Bounty forums, it’s good to talk to people going through the same and all supporting each other.


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