Time for Another

the diary of our quest for baby number 2

Quietly positive this month Wednesday 24 October 2007

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Of course I can say that now because I’m not on the dreaded 2ww, imagining every tiny ache, pain, feeling, taste is a symptom of pregnancy. Anyway, we hit day one of the ‘sperm meets egg’ plan yesterday and rather enjoyed ourselves IYKWIM! I’m trying hard to keep a sense of calm about the plans this month, and thankfully a full workload is keeping me occupied and not allowing much time for obsessing over it all.

I’m awarding myself a big pat on the back for managing to keep schtum with even my bestest pals (despite having my tongue loosened with rather too much wine). I suppose the real test will be keeping it quiet when I get my positive pregnancy test.


Back to CD1 Tuesday 16 October 2007

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At least the waiting is over. Period arrived with a vengeance very late last night so I guess today is technically CD2, but what the hey?! Someone over on the Bounty forums mentioned the ‘Sperm meets egg plan’ which sounds like a good, errr, plan – so long as we can maintain the stamina required for all that “trying” ;-p

Fertile dates this time around should be 23rd – 30th Oct (should ov on 29th) and we’re looking for a BFP (big fat positive) pregnancy test on 12th or 13th Nov. Fingers crossed for a successful (and fun!) month ahead.


Waiting Monday 15 October 2007

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15dpo or CD1?? Still waiting for period to start, all signs point that way, although a teeny tiny part of me is still holding on to the hope that I may just be pregnant. One last pregnancy test left in the house which I absolutely am not going to use unless my period doesn’t show up by Wednesday – which would be 2-3 days late (and I’m usually like clockwork, 28 days spot on). Hate this waiting.

Had a good old cry on Saturday night about it all, and feel marginally better for it. Things learnt this month have been useful – I’m more aware of my body and it’s cycle; I know I have no will power when it comes to taking pregnancy tests, so I will limit the amount in the house; I will cut down on drinking; I will accept that I will get slightly obsessed with it all but try and take it in my stride.


Feeling down Wednesday 10 October 2007

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This is so much worse than the first time around when we just stopped using condoms. It was only the strange metallic taste and nausea that made me check dates and I did a test as I realised I was a couple of days late. This time, I know when I ovulated, when we did it, what cycle day (CD) it is, what tests are considered ‘good’ for early testing etc etc. This has been the longest 2 weeks ever I swear. I’m driving myself insane with testing (even though it’s probably way too early but I have lots of ultra early tests, and now a First Response Early Result) and reading pregnancy signs into every ache, feeling etc. These are more than likely just pre menstrual symptoms and period will turn up bang on time 14th Oct 😦 What’s really crazy is this is the first bout of ‘trying’ and already I’m feeling down about it and feeling like it’s not happened this month. The month isn’t even out yet!! I guess it happened so easily with our daughter…

Over at the Bounty forums it’s like exquisite torture. Supportive yet also obsessive – I find myself desperate for answers that really no-one can give me. It’s nice to know that I’m not alone though, there are plenty of ladies just like me who are driving themselves crazy with the famous 2ww (two week wait, from ov to due period date). Currently all signs point to a bfn (big fat negative) result, and a most unwelcome period, to go through it all again next month. But, then again, the nausea and odd taste have reared their heads over the last two days, so who knows. I’m definitely going to hold back from testing until Friday, then Sunday or even Monday – obviously no need to if period shows up.


Impatience Monday 8 October 2007

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I’m at 8 dpo (days passed ovulation) and on track for either my period or a postive pregnancy test on 14th October. Already I’ve tested for pregnancy using one of the Ultra Early tests and it came up negative which I was expecting but having the tests around is just too tempting. Every little ache or twinge is, in my head, a sign of early pregnancy or of being due on and I’m sooooo impatient at having to wait another week before we know either way.

Having said that, today I feel quite queasy, which was what gave it away last time, so maybe, just maybe something’s going on in there?! Thank heavens for the ladies on the Bounty forums, it’s good to talk to people going through the same and all supporting each other.